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The Challenge

IT’s role is changing faster than expected and a major evolution is approaching: big data, mobility and the cloud bring new changes and challenges every day. IT organizations must eventually deal with these upcoming challenges. They are becoming internal service providers whose objectives are closely tied to business success. Their value is measured by the customer experience provided and by the level of capabilities provided, business objectives met and overall ability to respond to market changes and opportunities. In this challenging environment monitoring and reporting on the service quality and user experience of internal, external and outsourced services is essential and mandatory. Instead of the existing diverse solutions that leave many blind spots, a comprehensive unified solution is needed, capable of monitoring and reporting on the customer experience and all layers and elements that make up these services.

About our Team

PVSR is built by a dedicated team at NETvisor Ltd. With experience ranging from simple to complex projects, we have a strong, working knowledge of deploying service quality and performance monitoring solutions based on PVSR.

Support of the NRDI Office

The development of several features of PVSR – most notably IoT monitoring – was made possible with the support of the VKE_17 program of the National Research, Development And Innovation Office (https://nkfih.gov.hu/). The identifier of the project is 2017-1.3.1-VKE-2017-00042.

Our Mission

Our is goal is to build a solution that helps IT at enterprises and service providers delivering high quality services for their customers. We want to offer our customers Unified performance monitoring the right way.

About NETvisor

NETvisor is a system integrator specializing in designing, implementing new generation IT and communication systems, business and operations support solutions in all market segments. In the activity of NETvisor the innovation, research and development play dominant role. NETvisor is characterized by an exceptionally strong focus on expertise and technology. The company was built by systems engineers and network engineers with strong working knowledge of their craft.

NETvisor’s flagship product is PVSR which used by service providers, utilities and financial institutions in more than 40 countries worldwide.

As a result of our cooperation with our customers and suppliers, NETvisor have gained exceptional technical and market experience in the following fields of expertise:

  • ICT service management and operations support system design & implementation
  • ITIL based service management and operations process design & implementation
  • IT Infrastructure design & implementation
  • Outsourced IT service management
  • Consulting & Professional Services
  • Research & Development

NETvisor’s HQ is located in Budapest, Hungary

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