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Free vs Standard vs Enterprise Edition

Whether you’re have a few servers or thousands of network devices there’s a PVSR edition that’s right for you.

With PVSR Standard and Enterprise Edition you get more than just a bigger system that covers your IT environment: extra monitoring capabilities, more advanced features and our professional support service.

Our licensing model is a very simple License Point value based system. »Read more

Features Edition
Free Edition Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Platform Pack
Database Pack
End-user Experience Pack Extension Extension
Application Server Pack Extension Extension
Datacenter Pack Extension Extension
Base Network Pack Extension Extension
Advanced Network Pack Extension Extension
Minimum LPs 1 1 1501
Maximum LPs 200 1500 Unlimited
External Oracle back-end
Virtual sites/equipments
Report configuration
Upgradeable Support subscription required Support subscription required
Executive Reporter Extension
Soft license check No No Yes
High Availability Extension
Disaster Recovery Extension
Web service SOAP interface Extension
Collector API
Support 12 cases/year through support portal Through support portal
Go Live Support
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