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Licensing model

Our licensing model is very simple:

  • In case of a perpetual license you can use the licensed software indefinitely. Annual support included in the price for the first year and it includes technical support and minor / major versions released during that period.
  • SaaS based licensing is supported with time limited license keys. It allows you to use the software for one year, and entitles you to download all updates to the software and to receive technical support. After the one year period ends, the software will no longer function unless a new license is purchased.
  • In PVSR every monitored “entity” has a License Point value, which is calculated according to its type. The sum number of License Points shall be purchased to cover the monitored environment.
  • Monitoring capabilities are available in packs that cost 100 LP of each. Of course these License Points can be used for monitoring also.
Pack Monitored entity Used License Point(s)
Platform Pack Availability monitoring of any  entity No additional LP
Windows or Linux/Unix server 10
Base IT infrastructure service synthetic test 5
Legacy Nagios script 1
Custom device 15
Database Pack Database instance 25
End-user Experience Pack Thin client synthetic transaction recording 40
Thick client synthetic transaction recording 60
Application Server Pack J2EE application server 10
.NET application No additional LP **
Datacenter Pack Virtualization: Host 12
Virtualization: Guest VM 4
Virtualization: Data store 12
Storage (with  independent controller) 80
Base Network Pack Generic SNMP device 4*
Advanced Network Pack NetFlow/IPFIX source 20
Cisco IP SLA source 2
Cisco RPing source 1

*”Generic SNMP device” entities use 10 license points each in the Free Edition
**”Prerequisites a “Windows or Linux/Unix server” license for the running server