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Our licensing model is very simple: In PVSR every monitored “entity” (e.g. server, network device) has a License Point value, which is calculated according to its type. The sum number of License Points shall be purchased to cover the monitored environment. You can check out the details here.

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Monitored entity Definition Number of monitored entities
Generic SNMP device Number of physical or virtual routers, switches, blade chassis, SAN switch, UPS or any SNMP capable device
Netflow/IPFIX source The number of routers sending Netflow/IPFIX records
Virtualization: Host Number of physical hosts running virtualization which the customer wants to monitor as individual entities
Virtualization: Guest Number of virtualized operating systems where the customer wants to monitor it as virtualized system (as well)
Storage Number of physical storages with independent controller card
Linux/Unix server Number of physical or virtualized servers running Linux, Unix (AIX, Solaris,  HP-UX, zLinux) operating systems where the customer wants detailed operating level monitoring using SSH
Windows server Number of physical or virtualized servers running Windows operating systems where the customer wants detailed operating level monitoring using WMI. This license includes MS IIS, Exchange, Sharepoint and Lync monitoring as well
Database instance Number of Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Postrgress instances, i.e. how many database connections are needed to monitor the systems. For example an Oracle single instance with ten schemas counts only as one  and an MS SQL or MySQL system with five "databases" also counts as one license, but an Oracle Real Application Cluster with two nodes counts as two
J2EE application server Number of Java application server instances. In case of a cluster the number of cluster nodes
Thick client synthetic transaction recording Number of thick client business application end-user transaction simulation scripts. For example if the customer wants to run 5 test scripts on a thin client application and he wants to test the application from three different locations (offices, …) then it counts as 15
Base IT infrastructure service synthetic test Number of DNS, DHCP, LDAP, Active Directory and RADIUS servers

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