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Enterprise ready architecture

Enterprise ready architecture

PVSR has all the capabilities that allow it to be instantly deployed and integrated into your IT environment: fine-grained authorization system, Active Directory & LDAP support, agent-less monitoring, Web service northbound interface.

Agent-less monitoring

No need to deploy, update or configure agents. It reduces deployment time and administration overhead.

Extreme scalability

The fully parallelized data processing and modularized system architecture allows scaling the system from small to large deployment. There are live deployments with 100s of 1000s of devices.

Built-in high availability

The system can be installed on multiple servers. If one of the servers fails then it automatically re-balances itself so that the available servers can take over the monitoring tasks from the failed server. Even if the Oracle database used for storing the collected data is unavailable, the data collection goes on and once the database is available again data is loaded and no data gap will occur.

DR site mirroring

The enterprise edition of PVSR can be deployed in a two sites scenario (Primary and DR site). It continuously synchronizes its configuration and the collected data to the backup site. If the Primary site fails then it only takes a couple of minutes to bring up the backup site. This feature does not require any third party software (e.g. Oracle RAC).

Fine grained authorization system & access control

Access to alarms and collected data can be configured from the top (site level) down (to a monitored value level) and can be assigned to users or groups. System wide global roles can be assigned to users or groups.

Active Directory, LDAP support

PVSR supports user authentication trough not just its local user database but also through an Active Directory or LDAP server. No need to memorize a new password, users can use their existing username/password from Active Directory to authenticate.

Easy integration

PVSR provides multiple ways to easily integrate with existing operations support systems:

  • Fully-featured SOAP/XML Web service exposes all of the functionality of the system.
  • Programmed URL support allows easy integration with other web based applications.