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Proactive monitoring

With PVSR, problems can often be detected and solved before employees or customers even take notice about them. PVSR alerts IT operations staff in the event of measured performance degradation before business users start to call the help-desk. Furthermore, with the unique built-in diagnostics tools of PVSR the diagnosis phase of the troubleshooting process is more efficient and shorter.

  • Performance alerts

    Easily configurable alerts notify operations staff whenever monitored parameters signal abnormal system behavior. There are many built-in rules for all of the supported technologies, and you can create/edit your own rules through the web client.

  • Data analytics with dynamic baselines and trends

    PVSR gathers a vast amount of data about your systems and their operations. This data is only valuable for you if it is analyzed and used the right way. PVSR has a powerful threshold engine which continuously analyzes the collected values and raises an event if the conditions are met in a predefined alert rule. Alert rules can be based upon the following values of a monitored parameter:

    • Current value, e.g. if current upload bandwidth usage is more than 2 Mbps than notify Tom.
    • Dynamic baseline value, e.g. if the number of sessions in the webshop is 20% lower than usual number on the same day of week at this hour then notify Craig.
    • Past values, e.g. if CPU usage was more than 80% for more than 4 hours during the last 8 hours then notify Joe.
    • Future value from trend analyses, e.g. if disk usage on the Oracle partition will reach 95% within 5 days based on the trends of the last 10 days then notify Bill.
  • Event correlation

    Multiple monitored parameters can be correlated in alarm rules, e.g. if disk usage on the Oracle partition is higher than 90% and the Oracle table space usage is higher than 95% then notify Craig.

  • Business hours

    Alarms can be suppressed with time windows during when a rule can raise an alarm, e.g. if remote site A is not reachable in the last 2 minutes and it is business hours (e.g. weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm) then notify “WAN networking group”.

  • Global event console

    Built-in global event console which allows viewing, filtering, sorting and managing events. It shows all of the events generated by PVSR or collected from external sources (e.g. syslog or SNMP trap).

  • Notification channels

    Besides global event console PVSR can keep you alert through multiple communication channels. It can send notification messages via e-mail, SMS, SNMP trap or any custom method to predefined set of users. It can also be integrated with your Service Desk, so you can create tickets from the PVSR UI and connect them to the relevant alarm notification.

  • Service impact analysis

    PVSR can correlate events with your services, so you immediately know which services are impacted. Alternatively by looking at your services overview you can see which one is degraded by which problems.
    (It prerequisites the dependency information between your services and systems which can be loaded from an external dependency discovery system or can be entered manually through the web client.)