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Reports for IT and Business

Turn data into value

PVSR gathers a vast amount of data about your systems and their operations. This data is only valuable for you if it is analyzed and visualized the right way. PVSR has a powerful reporting engine that can visualize the collected data for IT operations and for the Business as availability and capacity reports, and offers a built-in integration to our SLA / OLA reporting application called SLASuite.

Built-in report packs

PVSR comes with preloaded technology-specific report packs that cover typical daily reporting tasks. Report definitions are editable and new reports can be created using a wizard on the web client.

Speed up reports with instant reports

Instant reports with a single click show top guest virtual machines, top host virtual machines, top servers, top LUN and more. PVSR continuously calculates data for these reports, so they are displayed in a few seconds when needed even if they are calculated from months of collected data.
PVSR also support on-demand calculated reports. Frequently used on-demand reports can be turned into pre-calculated instant reports with a simple on/off checkbox.


Collected monitored values, events and reports can be exported into .xls files for further processing from the web client.