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Unique diagnostics features

  • Real-time monitoring

    Real-time monitoring is very useful during troubleshooting. Charts can be switched to real-time mode if the monitored technology supports it (and most of them do support it). When turned on the performance indicators are polled and visualized down to 1 second resolution. So the effect of a change in the monitored device or application can be seen right away, without having to wait several minutes.

Diagnostics pages

There’s no need to login into diverse management tools or network devices, you can access most of the information needed for diagnosing the problem in PVSR. It speeds up troubleshooting, enhances collaboration and frees up experts from repetitive tasks.
PVSR offers more than 60 different real-time diagnostics pages tailored to support troubleshooting or daily operations, a few examples:

    • Database sessions, locking session, tablespaces, backups…
    • Windows processes, services, events…
    • Virtual machine statuses
    • Detailed network interface information
    • All interfaces on a network device with current status and traffic information
    • VLAN information, CDP information, ARP table
    • Detailed NetFlow session report