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Application monitoring

Business applications are more critical for uninterrupted operations of core business processes than ever. Enforcing SLAs to meet agreed service quality is a primary goal for operations, which makes understanding the performance and health of them essential. Application monitoring provides an early warning system when business-critical services are behaving abnormally. It alerts IT operations staff and gives them a head start in solving problems before users take notice of them.

PVSR with its application performance and availability monitoring capabilities delivers a solution scalable to monitor millions of parameters without substantial hardware requirements and delivers all of the functionality required by modern web based and legacy applications:

  • Delivers performance and availability monitoring for of all the elements that make up your applications: application servers, databases, OS (Windows, Linux & *nix), virtualized layer (VMware & Hyper-V), physical infrastructure, storage, SAN network and LAN network.
  • Out-of-box monitors all performance indicators relevant for daily operations.
  • Easily configurable alerts notify staff whenever monitored parameters signal abnormal application behavior.
  • Alerts can be raised based on dynamic baselines, trend values or historic values.
  • Real-time diagnostics pages give instant overview about servers.
  • Real-time monitoring enables any monitored parameter’s chart to be switched to real-time mode. When turned on it is polled and visualized down to 1 second resolution.
  • Instant reports with a single click show top Oracles by wait events, memory usage and more.
  • Easily extendable for monitoring new parameters. New monitored parameters can be defined with custom formulas for maximum flexibility.
  • Gives detailed insight into IP network traffic in your VMware VDS / Cisco Nexus switches with IPFIX / NetFlow monitoring and analysis for resolving application slowdowns.

Application monitoring solutions