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IoT monitoring

The Internet of Things (IoT) means connecting various devices (“things”), including consumer electronic devices or home appliances to the Internet, which allows novel type of interactions among things and humans. IoT solutions usually handle data generated by smart devices (eg, sensors) and enable the realization of smart cities, better utilization of resources, etc… In order to build such a solution, first the collection of the generated data must be implemented, which can be followed with the necessary analytics.

The concept is very similar in manufacturing plants, where each smart machine has several sensors providing information about its status, performance, etc. These information may be used to notify the operators about upcoming machine failures or production degradation.

PVSR provides several ways to collect data from these probes, including:

  • MQTT
  • REST
  • Common Industrial Protocol
  • gNMI telemetry
  • Siemens Snap7 PLC
  • Modbus

Most of the sensors are stationary, but this is not the case everytime. If a probe changes its location then it is also important to represent this movement in a meaningful way, along with the other status and performance data provided by the sensor, so that changes in this data can be correlated to changes in the physical location. PVSR contains geospatial “measurements” exactly for this reasons: