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Network monitoring

At the dawn of computer networks the need for performance monitoring was also born. As networks evolved and got bigger, faster and more complex the required functionality and scalability delivered by performance monitoring solutions also got bigger. In spite of this there aren’t many network performance monitoring solutions that can scale to size and requirements.

PVSR with its network performance, fault and availability monitoring capabilities delivers a solution scalable to monitor millions of parameters without substantial hardware requirements and delivers all of the functionality required by modern datacenter and WAN networks:

  • Out of box monitors all performance parameters relevant for daily operations:
    • Availability
    • Link utilization and errors, packet latency and drops
    • CPU load, memory usage, process parameters
    • Hardware parameters: temperature, fan speed and power usage
  • Collects quality of service statistics from devices in a passive way (e.g. Cisco Class-Based QoS MIB statistics) or in an active way using IP SLA or RPING.
  • Monitors wireless networks through wireless access points and controllers.
  • Measures the availability and response times of basic network services (DHCP, DNS, NTP, RADIUS, LDAP and Active Directory) with parameterized synthetic tests.
  • Gives detailed insight into IP network traffic with IPFIX / NetFlow monitoring and analysis.
  • Easily configurable alerts notify staff whenever monitored parameters signal abnormal system behavior.
  • Alerts can be raised based on dynamic baselines, trend values or historic values.
  • Real-time diagnostics pages give instant overview about network devices:
    • Summary overview of all interfaces with current status and traffic information.
    • Detailed network interface information
    • VLAN information, CDP information, ARP table, routing table.
  • Real-time monitoring enables any monitored parameter’s chart to be switched to real-time mode. When turned on it is polled and visualized down to 1 second resolution.
  • Instant reports with a single click show top interfaces, top talking applications, servers, workstations and many more.
  • Out of box supports network devices from all major vendors. And easily extendable for monitoring new device types and parameters:
    • Active discovery of parameters supported by the device.
    • Upload of vendor specific MIB files.
    • Monitored parameters defined with custom formulas for maximum flexibility.

Network discovery and automatic change management

You can define an IP range and PVSR scans it for new network devices (routers, switches, SAN switches or any SNMP box). Once a device is discovered PVSR uses templates that define what parameters / performance indicators should be monitored. The template is matched against the available performance indicators in the device at that time point which depends on its software / hardware configuration. These templates are reapplied by a scheduler which ensures that configurations changes are followed automatically e.g. someone adds a new interface card to a router PVSR starts monitoring it automatically.

Instant benefits:

  • Get end-to-end visibility into heterogeneous network environments with one tool during troubleshooting.
  • Proactively identify network errors affecting employees or customers before they call the help-desk.
  • Enforce SLAs to meet agreed service quality.
  • Trend and forecast for capacity planning and purchasing decisions.
  • Agentless monitoring is easy to deploy and manage.

Supported devices:

  • Any network switch, router, firewall or appliance with SNMP v1, v2c, v3 support
  • Any Cisco device with Modell Driven Telemetry (MDT) support
  • Any device with gRPC Network Management Interface (gNMI) support

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