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Storage monitoring

Storage performance monitoring is indispensable to IT operations staff by identifying storage performance bottlenecks and hotspots. The widespread use of virtual server infrastructure made agentless storage performance monitoring essential which gets its data from the storage devices itself. Storage performance is responsible for a large part of application performance and monitoring data from other layers give very little information about it. Without proper statistics and reports it takes the blame for application performance issues even if it isn’t the cause of the performance bottleneck.

Without insight into the storage array level it is impossible to identify whether VM performance issues are originating in this layer as a result of load from other VMs on the same LUN or array. PVSR with its storage performance monitoring capabilities delivers detailed monitoring data about LUNs, disks, caches, controllers and ports.

Instant benefits:

  • Get valuable insight into storage performance and utilization during troubleshooting.
  • Identify performance hotspots and use as an input for storage optimization.
  • Trend and forecast for capacity planning and purchasing decisions.

Supported storages:

  • Storages from all major vendors with SMI-S support and Block Server Performance Subprofile support.