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Virtualization monitoring

Virtualization’s flexibility brings with it significant complexity and management challenges that can’t be solved using multiple legacy monitoring tools. Virtualization is not just another silo. In virtualization, the silo walls have come down, and a holistic approach toward performance management is needed to manage these shared resources. The widespread use of virtual server infrastructure made agentless performance monitoring essential which gets 360-degree visibility into heterogeneous virtualized environments. For example without insight into the virtualization level it is impossible to identify whether VM performance issues are originating in this layer as a result of load from other VMs on the same host.

Monitor your VMware with PVSR

  • PVSR with its virtualization monitoring capabilities delivers detailed monitoring about VMs, hosts and datastores.
  • PVSR discovers the entire virtual infrastructure from the vCenter server. It automatically recognizes the VMware infrastructure and starts monitoring of ESX/ESXi hosts, VMs and datastores.
  • Whenever a configuration change is made by administrators in vCenter it automatically synchronized with PVSR assuring that everything is monitored and up-to-date on its interface.

Instant benefits:

  • Get 360-degree visibility into heterogeneous virtualized environments with one tool during troubleshooting.
  • Identify performance hotspots and use as an input for virtualization infrastructure optimization.
  • Trend and forecast for capacity planning and purchasing decisions.
  • Agentless monitoring is easy to deploy and manage.

Supported virtualization technologies:

  • VMware vSphere
  • Microsoft Hyper-V