Release notes – 4.7

Release notes – 4.7

Name Module Description
Mobile client Mobile PVSR has a downloadable mobile application for Android and iOS. The app features are:

  • Viewing and acknowledging the current alarms
  • Charts showing the last couple of hours
  • Turning on real-time measurements on charts
  • Push notifications for alarms
Push notifications Preferences Users can turn on and off the mobile notifications and change whether to receive separate notifications for the events or just one bulk notification
Push notifications Threshold / Event Thresholds and event definitions have a new parameter, called mobile notification. Users and so called mobile notification groups can be specified as mobile notification recipients
User info page WEB Users can see their own user parameters, including the last mobile login time and the device used
Chart sizes Measurements Charts can be arranged into four columns, not just into one, two and three columns
Excel export Measurements The measured values Excel export contains the potential hourly averages as well, not just the kept raw data
Unknown alarm suppression Threshold The system does not generate unknown alarms if the measurement in its definition was created or modified in an hour
Email notification rate limit Threshold / Event Each email can have a rate limit set: if the given number of emails are generated in the given amount of time then PVSR will stop to send emails for a specified amount of time
SNMPv3 support Event PVSR can process noAuthNoPriv and authNoPriv SNMPv3 traps
Copy operation Templates Users can copy-create new templates:

  • Threshold templates
  • Equipment templates
  • Chart templates
Bulk option add User defined attributes If the user defined attribute is a radio button or a select list then the user can bulk add multiple options to its list
Custom email Threshold The custom email fields can contain references to other custom email field values. The system also contains a default custom threshold email template which reproduces the same email as the built-in default email
CentOS7 + Oracle 11 support CORE PVSR supports Oracle 11 client on RedHat/CentOS/OracleLinux7
CIP collector CIP collector PVSR can monitor CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) devices
MODBUS collector MODBUS collector PVSR can monitor MODBUS devices
HTTP POST measurements Synthetic transaction collector PVSR supports HTTP POST measurements, not just HTTP GET measurements
Raspberry Pi support CORE Several of the PVSR collectors can run on Raspberry Pi
Discovered UDAs Data collectors New discovered UDAs:

  • Windows and Hyper-V
    • Windows cluster name
    • Swap
    • Memory
  • Linux
    • Swap
    • Memory
SOAP CORE Modified SOAP classes:

  • HyperVEquipment
  • UnixEquipment
  • WSManEquipment
  • GenericThreshold
  • EventDefinition
  • Email

New SOAP classes:

  • MobileUserGroup
  • CipEquipment
  • CipJob
  • ModbusEquipment
  • ModbusJob