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Deploying and using a new monitoring system can be challenging. Regardless of whether you are new to PVSR or a long-term customer we can help you to get the most out of your PVSR system with our professional training service. We offer basic user level (1 day) and advanced administrator level (3 days) training courses for PVSR.

We have the following types of training:

  • Live web training: is delivered by a technical trainer via an interactive web session (Cisco Webex) and telephone conference.
  • Training in your office: an experienced technical trainer will visit your office and will teach you and other employees. Typically our stay will range from two to three days. This training method is particularly productive if you have a large staff. We charge for travel expenses plus a daily fee.
  • Training in our office: if you would rather come to our office, located in Budapest, Hungary, for training, this can be arranged as well.

All of our training are hands-on and include course notes and example files.

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